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Moore fall fun pumpkinMoore fall fun pumpkin

Theme 1: All about Pumpkins 

Students will learn about the many varieties of pumpkins here on the farm, the pumpkin life cycle, and the importance of pollination during this field trip.

Students will be introduced to the pumpkin plant and its various parts. They will explore the different stages of the pumpkin life cycle, from planting the seed to being ready to harvest. They will learn about the different factors that affect the pumpkins growth and development.

As the pumpkins continue to grow, students will learn about pollination, and how crucial it is in the life cycle of a pumpkin (and many other fruits and vegetables). Students will learn about different types of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, that help to pollinate the pumpkin flowers. They will discover different varieties of pumpkins grown on the farm and how they differ in shape, size and color.

Throughout the field trip, students will engage in hands-on activities and experiments to reinforce their learning. They can ask questions and participate in discussion with their peers and instructors. By the end of the field trip, students will have a greater understanding of the pumpkin life cycle and the importance of pollination in pumpkin growth and development.

Moore Fall Field Trips

Wide Open Spaces & Fresh Air...We make Learning Fun!

Students will discover all there is to know about pumpkins or Christmas Trees. Our tours are a hands-on fun and engaging way to reinforce the objectives of NYS common core standards in science, math and language arts. During the field trip students will participate in various activities that promote learning about pumpkins or Christmas trees grown here on the farm.

Our school field trips are for Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade

TWO themes to choose from: Pumpkins and Trees

Available Dates:

Sept 27th-Oct 19th

Wednesdays & Thursdays only, from 9am-2:30pm

Tour Costs:

 All students are $12 each. Teachers & paid staff are FREE. 

Additional siblings or parents are $10 each will not receive a pumpkin or activity booklet

All Field Trips Include:

Tractor-drawn Wagon Ride around the farm

Educational lesson (pumpkin or tree curriculum)

Educational lesson on Chickens & their eggs

Spookley The Square Pumpkin Story Trail  (Anti-Bullying story)

Educational displays about Honey Bees & Pollination, Pumpkins, Corn & Chickens

Free play time and access to the Jump-O’lantern Jump pad, play barn and slides, swings, giant yard games, the BullPen, bull ring toss, duck races and more!

Farm activity book takeaway

Small pumpkin from the patch for each student


Please stress to students the importance of dressing properly. Kids should wear clothes that can get dirty. Mother nature dictates the conditions at the farm, so please encourage students to plan accordingly. They may need to wear boots or coats, depending on the weather. Please, no open toe shoes or sandals.

Moore Tree FarmMoore Tree Farm

Theme 1: All about Pumpkins! 

Theme 2: All about Trees

Trees, Photosynthesis & the Earth are the focus of this field trip. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the crucial role that trees and photosynthesis play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and the ways in which they mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

During this field trip, students will observe and learn about many different types of trees found in their local environment. They will also explore the process of photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that occurs within the leaves of trees and other plants that enable them to convert sunlight into energy.

In addition to learning about trees and photosynthesis, students will gain an understanding of the ecological and environmental benefits of trees and forests. They will discover how forests help to reduce soil erosion, provide habitat for wildlife, and support the livelihoods of humans by providing timber and other resources.

By the end of the field trip, students will have a better understanding of the important role that trees play in sustaining life on Earth, and will be empowered to make informed choices about how they can help to protect and preserve our planet's natural resources.

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Moore Family Farm is a family operated pumpkin farm, tree farm & nursery. Each September and October families are welcomed for a fall festival, corn maze and pumpkin patch. Located just ten miles north of Ithaca, New York or one hour south of Syracuse on Route 34, Moores' has been a favorite Christmas tree source since 1978.

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